legal knowledge is worth little in itself without market knowledge

Our philosophy

NUIR is a young, dynamic and service-centred law firm with helpful lawyers and an accommodating service style. We have broken away from the classic clichés; our offices do not have old-fashioned furniture and we do not keep our clients waiting for hours. A lawyer is a partner, an advisor, a service provider; they are outsiders yet like shadows of their clients as they move and act in concert with them. We believe that knowing our clients and their industry is vital: without this knowledge law is nothing but an abstract concept, a set of rules impossible for laymen to comprehend and interpret that hinder their day-to-day activities and restrict innovation.
We specialise in SMEs, undertaking only commercial and civil law cases; we do not accept any classic, criminal law or public administration-related instructions.

Why choose us?

If you are planning a transaction, if you are considering engaging in a commercial relationship, if you would like to have a contract in place that is sensible and practical rather than just a piece of paper, or if presence, advertising, PR and marketing and the achievements of the 21st century are important to you, then we invite you to put us to the test! We believe that in us you will find a partner with whom you can build a long-term relationship based on mutual trust, legal experts who will create added value for you.

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